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All Hoverheart Hoverboards Reviewed – Find the model that aligns with your needs

We’ve actually tested the Hoverheart before, but this is a whole new model with some new cool features.

lithium free hoverboard

Hoverheart has been one of the best selling hoverboards on Amazon since October 2017 and we have to agree that it’s a steal. Their models have great performance with an appealing price tag, combining those two with the cool designs and you have a recipe for success. That’s exactly what has happened here.

They’ve gone ahead and created a number of new models to choose from and in this article, I am going to cover them all, one by one, so that you can make sure to find the hoverboard that would suit your child the best.

Hoverheart reviews

Hoverheart 6.5” Lithium-free hoverboard

Hoverhearts lithium-free model is a solid hoverboard that caters to kids and teenagers. With this model, they’ve not only created a much more affordable hoverboard but also the first lithium-free hoverboard.

Powered by a lead-acid battery instead of a lithium-ion, it can travel at a top speed of 6-10 mph and delivers a maximum distance per charge of 10-20 miles, depending on user weight and terrain. You really do get a lot of hoverboard for your money.

The new design has some neat Flashing LED lights on the wheels, on top of the splash guards, and of course, bright LED headlights to lead the way. Available in a lot of different colors so that you can be sure to find your kids favorite.

Riding the lead-acid model from Hoverheart is really fun and it works just like any other hoverboard, it’s fast-paced if you want it to be and with this new battery you can ride it for over an hour as an adult. As a kid depending on the weight you get a lot of juice so I would say that younger kids can ride it for up to two hours without having to recharge it.

To recharge the hoverboard fully it’ll set you back approximately 1.5 hour, which is very fast for a hoverboard.

Lead-acid batteries tend to weigh more than lithium-ion batteries and they also tend to wear out faster. For the quality and price of the Hoverheart 6.5” I guess that’s something we can live with. As lead-acid batteries are cheaper you can get a replacement for around 20-30$ when needed.

I found that some buyers have had issues with the hoverboard not charging fully upon arrival. These customers got to exchange their hoverboard for a new unit so you should not see this as a red flag, just a friendly reminder to check it thoroughly upon arrival and make sure it is working as intended. If a hoverboard stays uncharged, this is extremely important for lead-acid hoverboards, it tends to discharge itself and that might destroy the battery over time.


  • Comes with Bluetooth to enable you to play music
  • Lithium-free, lead-acid battery
  • A lot of LED-lights
  • Anti-fire plastic used for the cover
  • Lots of cool colors to choose


Speed: 6-10 mph

Distance: 10-20 miles (Depending on weight and terrain)

Motor: 2 x 200W hub-motors

Battery: Lead-acid 24v 2.6Ah

Recharge time: 1.5 hrs

6.5” Bluetooth-enabled hoverheart – Flashy design improvements

Is it just another 6.5” model or does it provide anything new?

-I would say that it has the same specifics as the ones reviewed above with some design improvements.

Are these improvements worth the extra cost?

-For someone looking to get a unique hoverboard which is still affordable, I would definitely say yes.

There aren’t a lot of new things to consider with this model except for the unique design and the fact that it has a bit more power in the hub-motors. If you buy this one you probably only do it for the looks and that is fine. The design resembles the cool looking Tomoloo hoverboards. The stronger motors do provide you with a bit more stability at higher speeds but no major performance increase.


  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Flashing LED wheel lights, flashing splash guard LED, non-flashing headlights
  • 6.5” solid rubber tires
  • Anti-fire plastic cover


Speed: 6-10 mph

Distance: 10-15 miles (Depending on weight and terrain)

Motor: 2 x 250W hub-motors

Battery: Lithium-ion 36v 4.0Ah

Recharge time: 2-3 hrs

6.5” standard design lithium-ion – Bargain ride

The basic model of the hoverhearts line-up. This hoverboard has the basic appearance that we all have come to know by now. A simple yet very functional model that rolls over easily without destroying the plastic shell.

But it isn’t just basic, it does come with flashing LED-lights on top of the splash guards and with a Bluetooth function. Play your favorite music while riding. When I first started to review hoverboards back in late 2015 I didn’t see the use of having Bluetooth with onboard speakers. I then took one of the fastest hoverboards for a spin with my headphones on and with the volume cranked up high. I didn’t hear the warning sound of me riding too fast and wanted to press it to the max. Without me hearing the signal that notifies you that: “hey, slow down now or I’ll toss you to the ground because I ain’t going faster than this”. It did just that, I got a lot of bruises and a few new scars, nothing major, but I learned my lesson.

This is why you want onboard speakers, not only do you hear the warning signal of low battery and going to fast. You also stay aware of your surroundings.

A lesson earned with blood, that’s how we roll here on HFS. We do the mistakes so you don’t have to.

The hoverboard is powered by a smaller than usual lithium-ion battery of 25.9V 4.0Ah. The battery enables a riding speed of up 6-10 mph and you can get about 7-12 miles of riding out of it on a single charge.

The recharge process takes about 2-3 hours for a full recharge with the charger that comes with the product. However, there are other chargers available for faster charging.


  • Bluetooth-enabled with onboard speakers
  • Led-lights on the splash guards
  • Anti-fire plastic cover


Speed: 6-10 mph

Distance: 10-20 miles (Depending on weight and terrain)

Motor: 2 x 200W hub-motors

Battery: Lithium-ion 36v 4.0Ah

Recharge time: 2-3 hrs

8.5” all-terrain hoverheart – Take it to the dirt

The 8.5” hoverboard from Hoverheart provides you with the ability to ride wherever you want, whenever you want to. Take your ride to the dirt tracks and leave a cloud of dirt behind you. The design itself is very basic for an all-terrain hoverboard and you’ve probably seen the same appearance on many of its competitors(LINK). The thing with Hoverheart is that you get a good hoverboard for half the price and they keep true to their words, even with this new improved off-road model. It won’t set you back more than any other model out there in fact I would probably go as far as to say that this is definitely one of the cheapest off-road hoverboards you can find.

It might not be the top-of-the-line board in the off-road section but at this price, you can’t get everything. It provides you with a top speed of 10-15 mph depending on weight and a max distance per charge of up to 12 miles. A solid choice for any kid who wants to take their riding to the next level.

Riding experience is just as with most other off-road hoverboards, it might get a bit bumpy thanks to the solid non-flat tires but you get a good grip on most surfaces and it rides smoothly over smaller rocks and roots on the dirt path.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 with built-in speakers
  • Stronger motors
  • Higher weight capacity of 260lbs
  • Turns off automatically when fully charged
  • Fire-safe plastic material


Speed: 10-15 mph

Distance: 12 miles (Depending on weight and terrain)

Motor: 2 x 350W hub-motors

Battery: Lithium-ion 36V 4.3Ah

Recharge time: up to 2 hrs

Which Hoverheart you should pick

Choosing the right model for you might not be an easy task. In the end, it is all up to you which model you think will be the perfect fit for you or your kid. We can only hope to provide you with enough good information to make your choice a bit simpler.

In my opinion, the best way to determine which model to go for is to see what needs you have as a user. If you are buying for a kid you don’t need a high weight limit nor do you need very high performance in terms of distance and speed. Kids tend to weigh a lot less than an adult and always get an extended distance and speed. My kids ride a 10 miles per charge hoverboards for up to 2-3 hours weighing only 40-53 lbs they get around 20+ miles on a single charge. Yeah, I know, life isn’t fair. But on the other hand, you want something they can wear out without your wallet bleeding. and that’s why I often tend to recommend any of the Hoverheart hoverboards to families.

However, adults are still perfectly fine riding them. You just might not get that max distance and top speed while riding.

So now its all up to you. Do you feel the need to go off-road, are you looking for a rolling disco floor or just something cheap that’ll make your kids just as happy as they would have been with one of the expensive units?


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