10 reasons your kid will love getting a hoverboard

Kids love the latest and trending toys and as of a few years back the number one toy on everyone’s lips has been the hoverboard.

Even though they might not have been the safest of toys to begin with the American Underwriters Laboratories was fast putting up safety measures to be able to test the safety of boards and then certifie them.

This makes them as safe as an electric product can be and therefore the perfect gift to a kid.

The 10 reasons you want to gift a hoverboard

  1. Fun Factor: The most obvious reason is that they will get an insane amount of fun out of every charge.
  2. Not only a toy: They work both as toys and travel mates. They can aid a kid for over 10 miles on a single charge which means they can literally follow you anywhere you want to walk without getting fatigued.
  3. Safe as can be: Safety is key and all hoverboards have to be UL certified in order to be sold meaning they are as safe as a hoverboard can get. Just don’t forget to buy some extra safety gear.
  4. Everyone can use it: Even if the hoverboard is intended for your child, both you as an adult and their friends can use it.
  5. Easy to learn and master: The oldest person I’ve thought how to ride was 84 years old at the time and my kids learned to ride at 3 years old. So there are little to no age restriction.
  6. Cheap: At first hoverboards were very expensive and some could cost all the way up to $800. Today you can get one for $120 bucks and it’s still a good piece of machine.
  7. Adjustable to the user: Many models have mobile applications that lets you set the top speed and sensitivity of the unit. This makes them a lot easier to use even for toddlers.
  8. Lightweight and small-sized: This means if you’re going to grandma you can easily buy a hoverboard backpack and take it with you. Grandma’s house just got even more exciting!
  9. Kids love music: Why not let them ride around while playing what kids play the most. Baby shark do do do do do… Yeah you won’t even escape it when you go outside anymore!
  10. Enjoying looking at the world’s happiest kids: That’s what happens when you gift a hoverboard to a kid you love and care about.

Now all you have to do is find which hoverboard is best for your kid and for that you should read our guide here: Best hoverboard for kids – Review & Buying Guide

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