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Use our price comparison chart to find the best deal on hoverboards right now. Only reliable suppliers with a good track record are added to the list and it updates automatically on price changes making it easy for you to get a safe yet cheap hoverboard.

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Due to constant changes in the hoverboard market, we have had a hard time keeping the price charts up to date. Luckily we’ve produced a brand new price comparison tool which automatically updates prices to make it easier for you to find a cheap, yet reliable hoverboard. Because bad models and manufacturers aren’t added to the chart.

Today we will help you find the cheapest hoverboard segway on the market. To do that we have compiled a little list from our extensive reviews on hoverboards. You are now thinking well how hard can that be, all you have to do is sort the Amazon products after price. First of all, Amazon isn’t the only place to find these cheap scooters.

But we will not only be looking for some cheap device that’ll break after a week of using it. We did our best to find you the fastest, most reliable, high-quality inexpensive hoverboard segway. As you might understand this is no easy task. First of all the hoverboard market is full of products both good, bad and rubbish. We found 2 devices that stood out the most and we will walk you through why we have chosen these devices.

Cheapest hoverboard of them all!

fastest self-balancing scooter availableSo we have found you the most inexpensive hoverboard on the market(that wouldn’t just break), and its name is Swagtron. It is built out of high-quality plastic and has almost the same specifications as its expensive brothers and sisters.

This low-prices hoverboard segway has a top speed of 10 mph which is awesome for such an inexpensive device. It also has a moderate max distance at around 20 miles, this depends on the users weight. It can carry around 240lbs without any problems, all that changes a little bit are the top speed and how far you can go on a single charge. The recharge time is a bit on the bad side but hey for a self-balancing device as cheap as this one you have to agree that a bit longer charging time is nothing major.

This is by far the most bang for the buck you can get. The Swagway hoverboard is reliable and has all the safety documentation. And 200+ customer reviews, they can’t all be wrong can they?

This is the perfect choice if you want to go find the cheapest hoverboard without cutting back on the joy of a hoverboard ride.

If you feel the need for more information about this cheapest hoverboard segway, check out our full review on the Swagway self-balancing scooter.

Best priced self-balancing scooter

best bang for the buck hoverboard

If you want the most out of your new handsfree segway you better not go to cheap. For only a few dollars more you can get this sweet baby and this is a bargain for such a good self-balancing scooter. Our Editors Choice at the moment of writing scoring a solid 9 out of 10 in our tests while reviewing it.

This is by far the most valuable purchase of a self-balancing device that you can get. Did I also say that its one of the fastest hoverboards around? I didn’t, well it is. At a blazing 10 mph, yes that is right it goes 10 mph and it is among the cheapest hands free segways available on the market. There really is no catch with this self-balancing device. You cannot find anything wrong with this device. Another amazing thing is its distance, it’ll take you about 10 miles longer than any other scooter available, it’ll take you around 20 miles on a fully charged battery which is fantastic. Also that it comes with an UL approved charger and a high quality safe battery is a great plus. Another fantastic thing with this cheapest handsfree segway is that it takes no more than 1-2 hours to fully recharge the battery which means more time for fun.

This is by far the most bang you will every get for your buck. This budget 2 wheeled scooter will outlive any of the high priced 600$+ devices, it will also out run it both in speed and distance. It has reinforced bumpers on each wheel giving it more scratch resistance. Two lights and a top of the line self-balancing technology system built in.

If you’d like to know more before buying this device you should read our full review here! full review on the Swagway self-balancing scooter.

We hope we made the choice simple for you. The Swagway X1 might not be the most economical choice, but it is the best choice you can make and for a few dollars more you will be getting the best device at the best price. If none of these live up to your expectations you can always check out our other product reviews here!

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