Fastest Hoverboard, self-balancing scooters of 2022

What is the fastest hoverboard?

A question that keeps poping up is this one:

What is the fastest Hoverboard segway?

We had a feeling of which one it might be from the beginning but we have yet to look for the Ferrari of self-balancing scooters, yet.

So with a mission straight from our readers to find a blazing fast hoverboard, we started our “extensive” testing. You might think that this testing shouldn’t be that extensive. We are looking for one of these devices with the highest top speed so the only test actually needed is a speed test. But of course we also look at safety and over-all performance.

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top speed segway

But are anyone only interested in top speed scooters? –No, we do not think so.

If you are to have a high speed self-balancing scooter you probably want to know that even though you are an adrenaline junkie looking to break the sound barrier. When you eventually need those brakes you want to know that everything works as intended. You wouldn’t want the damn thing to break mid ride would you.

If you are interested in a hoverboard for kids make sure to buy one with the ability to lower its speed and user-level. Both of the hoverboards suggested in this article have this ability.

There are 2 moderate and 1 crazy hoverboard that you can get right now that fits into the category of fastest hoverboards. You can read a short summary of each below, but if you want the full review you can find them in the review section.

EpikGo hoverboard

The fastest hoverboard that meets all the safety standards right now is the EpikGo hoverboard and it’s a sight for sore eyes. Long have we gone and waited for something with a bit more speed and durabily. Finally someone delivers, not only the speed, but this one is made for though terrain and off-road beach riding. Blaze by your friends on their regular small hoverboards with your 8.5″ alloy wheels with grip to conquer the worlds most tedious terrain. You should definitely look at our review on the EpikGo if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

The razor hovertrax has a 10 mph top speed with a good distance and its killing sales point is the detachable battery pack which can be easily replaced if you get low on juice. A fully charged battery will take you somewhere around 15 miles before you need to juice up, if you do not carry with you an extra battery pack that is. It’s been tested by us thoroughly by us and it’s take the Top 2 spot on our top hoveboards list.

Segway MiniPro

Segway (now purchased by Ninebot) really made a strong comeback when launching the teaser for the Segway MiniPro and the anticipation went through the roof for every hoverboard enthusiast out there including us here and we couldn’t wait to put this one through our hoverboard review test. We had early access to it due to the fact that I had previously beta tested some of the Ninebot one wheels so we actually tested this one a while back. Performance wise its a whole new level of transportation. Compared to most other hoverboards its in a league of its own. It’ll get you 14 miles on a fully charged battery, it has the ability to easily attach a extra battery pack if needed. The top speed of 10 mph is a bit of a disappointment, at least when you get 2 motors that can put out 800 watt each (1600 watt combined). The explanation for this was that their corporate lawyers were trying to keep them away from being sued in the future. Good call for them probably, but for us who was looking forward to it having a speed like the normal Segways. It was a bit of a downer, to say the least.

Anyway it’s definitely a ride of its own and if you have the option to put in a few extra dollars you should really read our full MiniPro review, and just do it!

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FutureSaw is the fastest self-balancing scooter #1

9.8 Total Score

You won’t go faster with any other hoverboard Segway than you would with the SpaceBoard. This is the perfect “drive-by” scooter and by that we do not mean that it should be used in gang violence we mean that it is great for out-driving your friends both in speed and distance. Everyone wants to be a winner right?

Battery Recharge
User Rating: 2.84 (174 votes)

This is what you get!
Long Distance: 15 miles

Fast Speed: 14 MPH

Charge Time: 2-3 hours

Battery: 1 x Samsung lithium battery

Weight Limit: 325 lbs

Unit Weight: 26 lbs

If you think the Spaceboard is a bit out of your budget you should definitely check out this cheap hoverboard choice.

We wouldn’t recommend any other scooter after testing the FutureSaw from StreetSaw.

It is superior anything else we’ve tested not only is it the fastest its the safest and highest quality hoverboard of all time.
Spaceboard hoverboard segwayWe have a new king of hoverboards and its name is FutureSaw. It is a monster among hoverboards and it is packed with power.

It has intense battery power which comes from its high quality Samsung battery. It gives you a great distance of 15 miles. But most of all it will give you the ride of a lifetime. Blaze by your friends at a top speed of 14 mph. Yeah you read it right, we clocked this hoverboard at 14.3 mph.

The Futuresaw isn’t just the fastest hoverboard though. It has a slick and in my opinion not just user-friendly but very cool design. The design is made to have a high resistance against scratches and to protect the battery at all times. With it’s rubber covered undercarriage you can be sure that it’s well protected against the occasional bump in the road and with its 8″ solid rubber tires you’ll go over smaller potholes and rougher terrain with ease.

And as if this wasn’t enough, it comes packed with fantastic features. Such as bluetooth 4.0, remote control and a high speed warning signal. This unit is safe, fast and right now it’s the best and fastest hoverboard on the market. If you are looking for the fastest self-balancing scooter, well you found it! Far superior anything else we’ve tested and we can’t imagine that there will come a better hoverboard anytime soon.

Don’t always trust in the titles

Even though some brands might now be doing it knowingly. They name their products on sites like amazon badly.
An example of this would be a product with the title: “The fastest, most customizable model available”.
This isn’t the case, even if it was true when they added the product customers don’t know this. If we just take a quick glance over this product description we will see that this is a recurring phrase. So you are easily tricked by all this unreliable resellers claiming to have the fastest scooter.
The specification says it all, in these cases you have to really read through the product specifications to get the whole picture. This one only has a top speed of 7 mph while our winner has an astonishing max speed of 13 mph.
This could have not only cost you a few bucks more, you could have lost 3 mph in top speed if you’d go with that one instead of the Swagway X1. Our choice is not only one of the fastest it is one of the cheapest hoverboard also.
If you like things with music and more features you should take a look at the top bluetooth hoverboards with speakers

Top Speed isn’t everything

With that said we will be looking at some other things too. Like for example, top speed isn’t always the most fun part of a hoverboard. If the device has a bad acceleration you won’t find much amusement in riding your newly bought scooter. In my own opinion, a good acceleration is just as important as high speed if you want a really fun device to ride on.

But even more important is feeling safe while riding, you won’t ride at top speed and you won’t have any fun if you can’t feel secure while riding your scooter. Hence are brakes, steering and self-balance technology just as important.

Now you might think we are overlooking the objective and the initial mission we set out on, but this isn’t the case. We actually found the fastest self-balancing scooter being much safer than the average scooter. If you want to check out what we think is the best overall hoverboard you can find our comprehensive list here.

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