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The Sisigad Hoverboards has made many “best of” lists across the web this year. And, it’s maybe the most popular hoverboard on the market. It’s easy to see why. It is an undeniably fun-looking toy. The price is also great, starting at around $150.

The options and features and options on this board are impressive. You can choose between many color options and four different models. All models come with bright LED lights on the wheels and in the front panel that change color as you ride. For $20 more, you can buy this hoverboard with Bluetooth and a speaker.

The Sisigad hoverboards are made in China. But, it ships from the US if you buy it on Amazon. It can be at your door in a week or less. It’s also available locally at Walmart stores.

The top speed is about 6 miles per hour. The max range is nine miles after a full three-hour change on the lithium-ion battery. The faster you go, though, the less range you get. The passenger’s weight matters too. The heavier the passenger, the less range you will get. The company says you can get up to one hour of riding time per charge at most.

The bright-colored paint job and the neon-lights suggest that this is a hoverboard for kids. But, it’s rated for up to 200 pounds. So, it’s sturdy enough for adults. The Sisigad hoverboards itself weigh 20 pounds, and there were no reports of the board breaking or cracking under typical loading.

But, it’s not advised to ride it if you weigh less than 44 pounds. Kids around four or older can use it. Online reviews suggest that kids at that age have no problem getting used to the self-balancing features on this hoverboard. But, it’s best if children that young only ride while supervised by adults. Protective gear is also crucial for kids and adults.

All four models have 6.5″ rubber wheels powered by two 300-watt motors. This chassis is suitable for flat paved surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. But, this model is not designed for unpaved riding or riding on steep hills. Stick to smooth and dry surfaces with this board.

You can upgrade to an off-road model with all-terrain wheels. The upgraded wheels will run you $100 more but will allow you to ride on grass and gravel in addition to paved surfaces. But, hills may still be an issue. A 10-degree incline is a maximum any Sisgad model can handle, all-terrain or not.

The board also has a UL rating, which means that it won’t start a fire in your house while charging. It has non-slip foot pads, in case your shoes or feet are wet. But it’s not waterproof. So, don’t ride it in the rain or leave it outdoors in wet conditions.

One of the best features of this board is the self-balancing system. Reviews online mentioned that kids as young as three are successfully riding this hoverboard after five to 10 minutes. The 6.5″ tires also make for a smooth ride for learners.

Most online reviews of the board were quite favorable. No durability concerns were mentioned. And most of the reviews were quite happy with the cost and performance of the board. There were, however, several online reviews that called out issues with the battery. Some reported the batteries losing charge after just a few months. Some even stopped working altogether. Overcharging the battery can cause it to fail. Or a full reset of the board might have fixed this issue. None of the reviews that mentioned problems talked about trying a reset. So, the company might want to highlight this in users’ manuals in the future.

Though the board you buy will likely work just fine, make sure you’re familiar with the return policy before you leave the store. You’ll need to be able to get a refund if it stops working on you.

Customers reported that they got refunds from both Amazon and Walmart.

One feature Sisigad might consider in the future is a battery percentage indicator. The current model has a low battery indicator. But what do you do if the indicator comes on and you are already out for a long ride? Even on a full charge, the company gives a range of 30 to 60 minutes use. Depending on your weight, the amount of charge, and the road conditions, your actual charge could vary a lot. That could spell disaster if you’re already out on a long trek and the battery runs down.

Sisigad hoverboards

SISIGAD Hoverboards Self Balancing Scooter

Reviews on the Bluetooth were positive. This feature is easy to use and works well, according to buyers. The speakers, on the other hand, got mixed reviews. Most reviewers thought the sound quality was a bit weak. Everyone agreed, however, that the sound quality was reasonable for the price.

Overall, this is the best hoverboard if you’re looking for a starter hoverboard for adults and kids. It’s a hoverboard with LED lights, which makes it safer to use in dark conditions. It has enough power to go for a ride of a reasonable length. It’s also quick and easy to learn how to ride it. It offers a trip range that is comparable to other boards in this price range. And, you get a lot of value for your money with this scooter. Most importantly, it’s one of the most fun-looking hoverboards on the market today.

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