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Best Hoverboard for Christmas

Update - 2017.12.07

If you are looking for a good Hoverboard to give away this Christmas you will be wanting to look for a few things specifically.

These things are as follow:

  1. Shipping time.
    Obviously, a very critical thing is a delivery time before Christmas otherwise this will be an after Christmas gift and not a Hoverboard you’ll be able to give away on Christmas.
  2. Quality.
    When you give something away you want to be sure they won’t open up the package and get something with terrible quality. Since you will not be testing the device in forehand and the return might go over time you need to be sure this hoverboard has good standards.
  3. Warranty
    You don’t want to give away such an expensive gift without a sufficient warranty that widely covers any damage or fault that may afflict the device.

Best hoverboard deals you can get before Christmas 2021

All below deals are handled and shipped so you can receive your gift in time for Santa to pick it up.

These 3 things above might be the most crucial things when you are giving away something like a hoverboard for Christmas. But you cannot forget about what specifications it has. Even though you might be in a hurry getting that gift to your door in time. You need to remember that the person getting this as a present needs to be satisfied with it the other 364 days of the year.

So you want a self-balancing scooter that fit their needs when it comes to speed, distance and user-friendliness plus that it is within your price range. Therefore we made this small guide to find your best options if you want to receive your shipped hoverboard before Christmas.

But before you do get into the deals make sure you check that the product isn’t removed due to missing UL certification.

2020 gifts below

Option #1 The best hoverboard

robotturbo-fast-hoverboardIf you’re price range is around 400-550$ for one of these devices I can assure you that the person getting this scooter as a gift cannot be more satisfied. This hoverboard has all the things listed above. And it doesn’t only have that, there is no better self-balancing device than the Robotturbo hoverboard.

It is sure to be delivered before Christmas due to expedited shipping, it has a max speed of 15 mph which makes it the fastest self-balancing scooter available. And we have tested our fair share of these devices but going at 15 mph is a thing of its own. It also comes in the coolest design, has double Samsung batteries with a recharge time of around 50 minutes (ours took about 55 minutes the first time we fully charged it) and you can get it in 4 different colors.

It has a max distance of 15 miles and it is only 26lbs. But the neatest thing of them all is that it has 3 user levels. You can start at Entry mode which is perfect for beginners and then advance as you learn/go. This makes it a very versatile device and we had both professionals (me) and people who hasn’t been on a board before test it out and it delivered every single time.

You will get a 1 year warranty and it has the most up-to-date technology at the moment. It’s has a price range around 409-549$, we recommend that you go with the later one if you want to be sure to receive it before Christmas. But also because we cannot speak for the other suppliers when we only bought it from the original supplier here.

Think the Robotturbo is the Christmas gift you’ve been looking for? Check it out on amazon or read the full robotturbo review here.

Option #2 The budget hoverboard

weecoo hoverboard reviewIf you want a cheaper less advanced self-balancing board you should go with the Weecoo self-balancing scooter. It has a max speed of 10 mph it is built out of high quality parts and when we tested it the battery where very good and it lasted 10.7 miles which is good for a fast shipped self-balancing scooter such as the Weecoo.

It weigh only 25lbs and it is a perfect Christmas gift for a child. Even though it lacks the user-levels the Robotturbo above has it is a very easy scooter to learn and it won’t take a child more than maybe 20 minutes tops to maneuver it with ease around the house. It however takes abou 1-2 hours to recharge the battery.

This is the more budget friendly version if you are looking for a scooter for Christmas.

You can get this scooter on amazon for around 370$ with expedited FedEx shipping.

For other cheap alternatives have a look at our cheapest hoveboard test over here.

If these devices doesn’t fit your taste head over and check out our self-balancing scooter review section and you are sure to find something that will catch your interest.

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