Smart Gear X3 review (US Brand)

7.8 Total Score

Over all this really is the safest scooter available. It has great acceleration and would fit anyone looking for a reliable device. This 2nd gen hoverboard is easy to ride, learn and maneuver. A perfect hoverboard for children.

Battery Recharge
User Rating: 4.65 (1 vote)

Distance: 20 miles(Depending on surface and weight of the user)

Speed: 10 mph

Charge Time: 1-1.5 hours

Battery: High quality lithium battery 36v/4.4AH

Max Load: 264 lbs

Unit Weight: 24 lbs


Tested, It is well tested and from a reliable brand that still has a 4 star rating even though they’ve sold thousands.

Weight limit, a good 264 lbs weight limit

Safety, It lives up to the title, Safest hoverboard available.

Water Resistant, The Device has and IP 54 test result.


Tires, The tire rubber is a bit hard and its 6.5 inch makes it harder going over pot holes.

Speed, If you are a speed demon go with some of the 12/15 mph scooters.

Smart Gear x3 hoverboard review

So the time has come for Smart Gear to launch their next generation of hoverboards and as its prior models was called x1 & x2. It might not come as a surprise to you that their new hoverboard is named Smart Gear X3.

So whats new with the X3

For starters you might have notices its new slick design the old x1/x2 had a, well let’s say much less appealing look than the X3 has. However there are a lot hiding within this new sexy more modern self-balancing scooter design.

Second it is faster, has a bit better range and best of all the recharge time has been cut in half! Even though this is faster than its earlier model sisters/brothers they held back with the speed, instead it has a 30 degree climbing angle which is much more than the regular hoverboards.

While testing we had to find a new hill to climb because the one we have had for our climb tests earlier wasn’t sufficient anymore(we call it the hill of death since some manufacturers tend to miss the automatic brake system which should kick in while going downhill we have had a few injuries there…). It could almost touch the ground while leaning forward that is how good this device is at climbing. No more walking while going uphill.

Also this device has a new energy efficient feature that is kinetic breaking also seen on the robotturbo. That means while going downhill the hoverboard actually recharges it’s battery while breaking saving energy and allowing you to go further on every charge.

This hoverboard has safety in focus

Also they told us that they do not want a device that goes faster than 10 mph due to the safety of their customers. I do understand this since I know many people has gone head over heels with increasing their device speed on these devices. It is still early on and there have been a few accidents. This also reveals how concerned and caring they are about their customer base. They don’t care if they lose a few sells to the speed demons. They can sleep better at night knowing their customers ride safe hoverboards from a USA Based brand.

The Smart Gear X3 has a good 3 inch ground clearance. Hence it can easily move over small obstacles which many other hands free segways have a problem with.


The item got shipped in time and delivered within only 5 days which is very fast indeed and it came in a secure branded package with a manual, a charger and a carrier bag something you didn’t get with the previous models and that was a nice thing to see they added to this one. No need to be cheap when the devices are expensive in themselves.

What do you get when you make this hoverboard-deal

A really fun hoverboard that has it all. Good speed, distance and this hoverboard can also carry heavy weight. It has great acceleration due to them lowering the top speed it gives more strength and acceleration to the scooter. The ports on this self-balancing scooter is sealed and IP 54 water resistance assured. It gets delivered with a carrying bag and a charger.

If you feel that the Smart Gear X3 isn’t for you, Check our other self-balancing scooter reviews we’re sure you’ll find something that suits you.

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