HoverBoost Self-balancing board review

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Best cheap self-balancing scooter choice!

The HoverBoost Hoverboards is the cheapest electric self-balancing scooter you will find on the market today. We make this conclusion based on these things. The low price, ease of use and that its a very basic yet very powerful self-balancing board. This is a great choice if you are looking for a self-balancing electric scooter for kids or families.

Battery recharge
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

Distance: 10-12.5 miles(Depending on surface and weight of the user)

Speed: 9.3 MPH

Charge Time: 3-4 hours

Battery: 36V/4.4AH Lithium Battery

Max Load: 240 lbs

Unit Weight: 26.4 lbs

Package contains: Charger, User manual, Package box. (Some also ships with Helmet, Elbow pads, Gloves and Knee-pads. Check the detailed description on the ad to be sure)


  • User Friendly, The hoverboost is so easy to learn and you can master it within minutes. Perfect for beginners.
  • Price, It is the cheapest hoverboard that we recommend.
  • Safety, Most reseller ship the item with all the safety gear you might need. Check above for more details.
  • US shipping, is available but it might cost a little more. If you want yours fast then this is great if you can wait the price is a little bit better.


  • Fake models, There are fake rebrands that is not of the same quality. These are not always the cheapest but if you just check our recommendations you’ll be just fine.
  • Charge time, It has the longest recharging time on the market. It does however get you further than many other electric self-balancing scooters so you do not have to recharge the batteries as often.
  • Chinese suppliers, A lot of the resellers are based in china. This isn’t bad because of that. It is just that it may take 3 weeks to 1 month+ to get your scooter and the language barrier may cause problems if you are experiencing problems.

The HoverBooster is a Chinese manufactured self-balancing electronic scooter that is related to most of the other Chinese brand scooters. The biggest difference between them are the features, like the Mortch which you can read here has bluetooth.

At prices around 250$ this is the cheap self-balancing scooter option for those who don’t feel like throwing 500$ at one of these incredible toys. For this price you get both good quality and a good ride. With a top speeds of 8 MPH which is the average for these scooters you will have a blast. This scooter is so easy to learn, we read about a 77 year old man who mastered it within an hour without a single fall. He might have been a scooter pro in another life. You can check out his review below on Amazon!

We tested one and it was durable and the quality felt great. It took nearly 30 days to arrive, but we have found suppliers in the US who will get you the scooter within a week. We highly recommend spending a few more dollars to get it shipped from within the US. You will get faster shipping and better support/service in case any problems may occur.

There are not that many features or that much to say about it though. We therefore call it the cheap alternative/the beginners-choice. It felt a bit heavy and it weigh about 3 lbs more than the average scooter. We therefore recommend that if you buy this scooter, don’t forget to buy a carrier bag too. Makes life a lot easier. At least if you’re out of battery, something you wouldn’t have to worry about if you had the new hovertrax with replaceable battery packs.

The ride went along smooth and it took us about 10 miles before we had emptied the battery. We then recharged it for about 3 hours until it was completely fully charged.

A perfect non-complicated 5 hour ride making this a perfect cheap self-balancing scooter for kids.

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