Cho Hoverboard 2020 Review – Next-generation self-balancing scooter

In the hoverboard community, Cho Power Sports is a well-known name. They’ve been around for many years and I tested my first Cho model way back in 2015.

Many years have passed and many models later they’ve now launched the Cho 2020 hoverboard which is said to be the next generation of self-balancing scooters in terms of design and functionality.

So what sets it apart from the original models and how good is it really?

These and more are the questions we’ll be looking to answer in our review below.

Review of the Cho 2020 Gen Hoverboard

The 2020 Gen hoverboard from Cho comes packed with new functionality as well as some old goodies that have withstood the test of time. 

8.5 Total Score
Great ride!

The Cho 2020 Next Gen provides a nice and solid ride for both kids and adults alike, although I think kids will be the most beneficial from it. It has a good price tag and is well worth the money with a decent speaker and the performance you can expect for under $100.

Recharge Time
  • Great smart design with handle
  • Priceworthy
  • Perfect first model
  • Speakers
  • Pressure pad technology
  • Sound quality is a bit poor
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New design and self-balancing technology

What’s new is definitely its design and how it operates. Instead of having that old twisting to turn gyroscope function that all the regular hoverboards have the 2020 gen hoverboard has bigger and more sensitive pressure pads. It doesn’t need to be twisted to be able to make out what you’re trying to do and then do it. Only much smoother, more responsive and better than ever before. 

Just adjust your balance and the pressure of your feet and the hoverboard will smoothly maneuver wherever you’d like to go. It really works wonders and it has simplified the use of hoverboards as well as lowering the time it takes to learn how to use them.

Motor & battery

You get the industry-standard 6 mph top speed and around 7 miles of range per charge from its built-in 36V/2.0Ah lithium battery. Remember that the maximum distance tends to be far greater with kids riding on them. My oldest weighs about 70 lbs and he got around 12 miles on a single charge which is far greater than what’s advertised. For me and my 178 lbs, I can more or less expect about 6.5 miles per charge.

When you’re finally run out of juice all you need is to charge it for 2-3 hours and you and your kids will be up and running again.

Bluetooth & speakers

The hoverboard is also equipped with a pair of speakers that provides a decent music experience, good enough for the kids to boom some music on at least. These can easily be controlled by connecting your smartphone to the speakers through Bluetooth. 

Riding experience

First and foremost it is one of the simplest hoverboards to learn. The only other model that beats it in being easy to use is the Ninebot/Segway models. But to be fair, the price difference makes them close to non-comparable. 

My kids and I tried it for quite some time and it performed as expected. I pushed it hard and it didn’t break down on me once over the course of a week when we tried it.

The 2020 gen provides a nice and smooth ride for all ages but I would say its more or less built with kids in mind. They will be the ones who benefit the most from its flashing lights and music playing features. Where we, adults, tend to not want to make as much fuzz about us while riding.

Speed-wise you get the expected 6 mph which is more than enough on a 6.5” hoverboard made for kids and teens.

It had no problem conquering our standard test hill at 20 degrees with 178 lbs on it and it handles normal terrain very well. I wouldn’t suggest riding on too rough stuff like gravel and dirt but for most flat surfaces it does really well.

Conclusion on the Cho hoverboard

The Cho 2020 hoverboard is definitely a hoverboard made for kids and teens. The 6.5” solid tires make it ride smooth, accurate, and highly responsive which in turn makes it a lot of fun to play with. You can spin, go back and forward and do some very precise turns and you do so very fast.

At this low price, there isn’t really anything to think about. If you have a kid up to around 13 in need of a hoverboard the Cho 2020 Gen is a great choice. You will definitely be happy with your purchase and you can rest assured that your kid is riding the latest in hoverboard technology at a fraction of what it used to cost.

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