Best hoverboard on the online market 2021

What is the best Hoverboard to buy online

To find the best hoverboard is to connect with it at a personal level, to understand what your needs are and what type of hoverboard user you might be. Our top picks are all very similar in terms of performance, safety and features. So if you feel that our pick #3 might be the best choice for you, go with it. Because all these five picks are aimed at different user levels and needs.

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So how good is the greatest hoverboard segway

The greatest hoverboard is by far better than anything else we’ve tested so far. It has a fantastic top speed of 15 mph. With that speed we thought the battery would be drained very fast, but they had that covered too. The Robotturbo doesn’t just get delivered with one simple and cheap battery.

No this monster comes with 2 x high Quality Lithium-ion Samsung batteries that has the new Samsung fast-charge technology. This means that these batteries recharge in less than half the time it would take other scooters. You can get a full recharge in 50 minutes. Well it took us 60 minutes on the first recharge but as we know batteries needs to be charged a few times to increase their capacity.

This haven’t even compromised the distance in any way either. It has a max distance of 15 miles and it took us around 13.5 mile before we emptied it completely. This vary due to the weight of the user and the terrain you ride in. Most noticeable is the acceleration, you get up to speeds of 12 mph in just a few short seconds. Thank god you’re already leaning forward.


I would say that this is a really cheap self-balancing scooter if you think about to what you get. If you have a look at similar scooters you’ll see that they are in the same price range and those aren’t even comparable to the robotturbo when it comes to what you get. Have a look for yourself and you’ll see that this is indeed the best purchase of a hoverboard.

The perfect self-balancing scooter for everyone

The best self-balancing scooter would be one that fits anyone, whether you’re a kid or an adult this has to be the best versatile unit. The speed and distance isn’t even the best thing with this device. It is its user level feature, it has 3 different levels to choose from depending on what type of prior riding experience you have.

So if you haven’t ridden one of these scooters yet you’re in good hands. The Robotturbo self-balancing scooter comes with this neat feature that lets you select 1 out of 3 different user-levels. This makes it the best hoverboard for any buyer whether you’re young or old, if you are looking for your perfect match. The robotturbo will be the ultimate choice.

If we haven’t convinced you yet you should have a look at these spec’s.


Speed: 15 mph     Distance: 15 miles     Recharge time: 50 min     Max weight: 240 lbs

Package contains: Charger, User manual, Package box.

I am completely sold on this scooter and so are everyone who has tested it. It’s not only because of it’s amazing speed. There are so many good qualities to this hoverboard you can’t imagine. The safety you feel while riding is nothing compared to many other devices and you can feel the quality through your feet.


coolest hoverboard design

The coolest design

It’s flawless design and smooth curves isn’t just for show. This hoverboard has an intention with everything and the design is made not only to look cool but to give you the best grip and to reduce the risk for scratches. I promise you that you won’t find another self-balancing scooter that has such a cool design to it.


There are a lot more to say about how good the robotturbo is and how cool you feel riding it. If you feel that you want more information before making up your mind you can find our extensive testing and full review of the robotturbo here.


But there are other great hoverboards on the market

Lets take the Galaxyboard for example.

It might not stand out with its basic design and it looks like just any other hoverboard. But it isn’t just like every other board, it has a much better than average speed, 12 mph to be exact. It can be ridden great distances of over 15 miles on a fully charged battery. These are both very good qualities but its the price that makes the Galaxyboard a great contender to the robotturbo. It is one of the cheapest yet best hoverboards available for purchase.


Speed: 12 mph     Distance: 15 miles     Recharge time: 1-2 hours     Max weight: 240 lbs

Package contains: Charger, User manual, Package box and a carrier bag

How they were able to add so much more power into an from the outside looking pretty basic hoverboard is to me very confusing. It has been one of our top choices for a very long time and it still is our top choice when it comes to recommending the cheapest hoverboard. Even though it might not be the cheapest of all it is the best you can get for the least money. A real bang for the buck self-balancing scooter to be exact.  Another great thing with the Galaxyboard is that it comes in many different designs. Not only colors but designs, it has a bluetooth and speaker version which is pretty cool if you’re into listening to your favorite music on your speakers while hovering.

But if these two devices above doesn’t fit your expectations or needs we promise you that you’ll find something among our extensive hoverboard reviews.

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