AlienSaw 8 inch bluetooth hoverboard

7.5 Total Score
Great and cool design!

A very nicely designed piece of art when it comes to hoverboards and with its flashy led lights on the wheelhouses it sure will drag some extra attention to whoever is riding this one. A moderate speed with a good distance and for the price a really nice hoverboard with bluetooth function.

Battery Recharge
User Rating: 2.69 (13 votes)

Distance: 12.5 miles

Speed: 10.5 mph

Charge Time: 2 to 3 hours

Battery Life: 2 hours

Battery: Samsung Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (36V/4.4Ah)

Waterproof Rating: IP54

Load Capacity: 75 to 280 pounds

Hoverboard Weight: 28.7 pounds

Dimensions: 26.38in x 11.81in x 11.42in / 67cm x 30cm x 29cm

Size of Wheels: 8 inches

1 year warranty

Motor: 350 W x 2

Available in 8 colors: red, yellow, blue, white and other color combinations

Comes with Bluetooth remote switch for on / off

Includes LED lights and Bluetooth speaker



  • Wireless remote control feature helps you turn the hoverboard on and off without having to get off from it.
  • High but safe speed of 10 to 12 miles per hour.
  • Includes a gravity sensor to power up its self balancing system.
  • Bluetooth speakers let you enjoy music while riding and LED lights help for visibility in the dark. Multicolored led lights.
  • It also has a 20 degree climbing capacity for riding on inclined plane surfaces.
  • Portable 28.7 lb weight allows you to take it to various places with ease.


  • None as of the moment

 The Alien Saw 8 inch bluetooth hoverboard review

When it comes to keeping a high speed in mind but at the same time, help keep riding safe, you would want to have the 8″ Wheels w/ Bluetooth (aliensaw). With a balanced size and set of 8 inch wheels, it’s neither too big nor too small. Packed with many features such as Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, climbing capacity on ramps, wireless remote, and portability, it’s definitely a fun and worth-it hoverboard to buy. This is surely a great hovebroard with music for us who likes to drive around listening to our favorite songs.

Advantages of Using the 8″ Wheels w/ Bluetooth (SUPRA Edition)

Having a self balancing system powered by its gravity sensor, riding the the 8″ Wheels w/ Bluetooth (SUPRA Edition) will surely be a great experience for everyone, regardless if they are new to the hobby or not. If you aren’t too pleased with low speed hoverboards, this one has a 12 mph speed that sits between the line of safe and fast. Pretty similar speed to the Skque review we did the other day, another hoverboard with bluetooth. Most hoverboards these days seem to come with bluetooth and speakers.

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Ease of Use

With a turning radius of zero, you can easily maneuver over narrow spots with ease. The wireless remote control powered by Bluetooth will totally help you on its user accessibility – there is no need to get off the board just to turn it on and off. Bluetooth speakers and LED lights over the wheels definitely make this a very cool hoverboard to show off to your friends. With its easy light weight of 25 pounds, you can take this to any field trip, camping or on the road. A fun and great hoverboard with music options.

Charging Time

The 8″ Wheels w/ Bluetooth (SUPRA Edition) takes about 2 hours to charge, which is enough for you to enjoy more time riding on it rather than keeping it plugged in. The rechargeable Samsung battery is also genuine so it will definitely last longer than you think.

What makes 8″ Wheels w/ Bluetooth (SUPRA Edition) an Awesome Hoverboard?

Generally speaking, the 8″ Wheels is a truly awesome hoverboard because of its many great features, such as wireless Bluetooth remote and speakers, LED lights as well as the ability to ride smoothly even on narrow places and ramped spots.

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